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Carol Mason

Carol Mason

The Golden Rule is my standard and going the extra mile is my ethic.
— Carol Mason


This above all: To thine own self, be true.
— William Shakespeare


... is a leader in custom website design. Logo design is a specialty. In 2002 Carol transitioned from a 26 year career in technology and publishing to sole proprietor of this custom website design company, Carol Mason Design LLC.

Carol Mason
Driven by a love for people, technology and art -- Carol started developing traditional style websites in 2002. Some clients remain on this platform. In 2007 the smart phone became available and that created a market for a website that resizes itself appropriately on each size device. This style website is called mobile-responsive. The mobile-responsive website host Carol works with is Squarespace.

Carol is a member of Squarespace Inner Circle Developers.

Carol is an Apple Developer and has attended the Apple Conference 2012 - 2016.

The combination of technical knowledge and love of art results in Technical Art. Carol assists others to see their talent expressed on the Internet in a beautiful configuration that purposefully invites the visitor to linger and return.

Carol's clients wish to do good for this world. They are on their mission to lift thought, lift a burden, bring joy, protection and health. Selected websites Carol created and maintains can be viewed on the home page and on the left of this page.

Each client receives specialized attention, on a one-to-one basis, in order to create and maintain their website.

Carol is an educator. She assists clients with their learning curve on the computer essentials. Other clients want to know how to add blog posts to their website and she provides training to do this via screen sharing and scheduled phone meetings. Carol keeps her clients informed about technical developments in the world and why it is so important to stay abreast of the times.

Some clients also request the creation of logos, custom design leaflets, cards, business cards, and formatting talks. Exceeding expectations in a thoughtful way is her goal.

Before 2002, Carol had two decades + of experience in publishing -- hot type and cold type; designing logos, letterhead, newsletters, magazines and newspapers; graphic design, and photography. Carol's experience includes management where she was accountable for team building and consistently meeting deadlines.

In 2013 Carol began iBook and eBook design as well as CD covers. In 2015 Carol joined work with a private investigation firm as their Chief Design Officer.