About Carol Mason

Carol is a publishing professional and programmer with 26 years of professional experience in print and digital production. This includes 4 years of managing a staff of production professionals, including proofreaders, to produce 23 versions of an error free publication on a quarterly deadline. For another 3 year period she created and managed a technical project that required her to live in and travel throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. During this time she also maintained visibility and managed technical projects in the United States.

In 2002 Carol transitioned to formed CarolMasonDesign.com and began designing websites, logos, business cards, letterhead and provided training to help her clients build technical knowledge.

She has been on the cutting edge of technology since the Apple II Plus (1979). In the 1990's she was recognized as a top technical professional by Apple. And since 2002 through today she stays close to changes in technology as an Apple Developer.

Carol is a artist. Her paintings have won juried competitions. She also creates needlepoint designs she calls painting with thread. Since 2002 she designs digital products: websites, digital and print books, e-stores, digital and print song covers.

The essential pieces of a website include: domain name, website pages and a hosting company. With the evolution of technology different hosting companies have emerged. In 2002 a traditional website company, Homestead, was the only hosting company with a blank page rather than a theme to enable the creation of a custom design. A number of these websites she created are alive and doing very well today, they are refreshed with new information on an ongoing basis because Carol stays in routine contact with her clients. A Traditional website means their appearance remains the same on all devices, the re-sizing happens when you pinch the screen.

As smart phones and hand held devices commanded more use, website design became Responsive. Responsive means the software is designed to resize blocks of information to fill each size screen with different amounts of information to make it more readable. 

Squarespace hosting company is new to Carol's offerings. Squarespace offers Responsive themes websites and estores. The themes represent a starting place that are adapted for each client's needs. Unlike the earlier days when you needed a white page to custom design, Squarespace is fluid and allows for custom design with a Responsive outcome. Some clients like to have a visual concept of the overall website appearance before the work begins and these viewing and selecting themes allows this to happen.

It is so invigorating to help people explore how to present themselves on their website. This process also educates them about the Internet environment and enables them to become more hands-on with their ability to function on the Internet.

Carol's clients include: writers, painters, musicians, composers, collectors, architects, artist representatives, healers and nature lovers. 

In 2013 Carol became a Small Press Publisher. Designing books is her passion. She designs and publishes eBooks via her publishing company, TRAC IN SYNC LLC. With a hand held or smart phone we have the luxury of carrying vast amounts of eBooks in the palms of our hands!

Carol believes everyone has a book in them. Have you written a manuscript? Is it ready for review by a publisher? Contact Carol and let her know about your manuscript you'd like to have published. Have a conversation with Carol.