What to expect when working with CarolMasonDesign.com

The first step is to establish a rapport and find out what you do and what you want your website to represent. This is the basis for building and maintaining your website. I work with those who have a moral compass and see the good in themselves and others. Then, meeting expectations and sometimes exceeding them, is Carol's goal.

Simply put, she cares to listen, to get to know her clients and to understand what their expectations are for their website.

Clarity on what their website needs to project and well written content from the client allow for the visual presentation to take form. Clients can supply images or they can be purchased. Images enhance words. Art matters!

A new website is designed on Squarespace, a leading software hosting company. This environment allows for beautifully designed websites that are responsive. A responsive website adjusts information into blocks so they can easily be presented in the best configuration for each size device they are viewed on. This means the websites I design look different on a desktop/laptop computer, handheld such as iPad and smart phone such as iPhone.

For the past 14 years I have been designing traditional websites and hosted them on Homestead. Homestead is also a sound hosting company but making a traditional site responsive is a clumsy process. Instead, a number of clients websites are being redesigned on Squarespace.

My experience with Wordpress is that it rarely ends up do the extra software (plugins) work to perform high level outcomes. Every client request specialty concepts rather than desiring to be confined to a template.  I will continue to administer to the limited websites I've created