Why have a website?

When you have a website...

  • Your business gains credibility.
  • You save money.
  • You save time.
  • Your visitor/customer base is increased.
  • Your information is always accessible.
  • You are able to speak more clearly about what you do.

When you don't have a website...

  • You loose business.
  • Think about it, If you don't have a website, imagine how many prospective visitors/customers have searched online for your contact info, business hours, location, products/services, etc.
  • If prospective visitors/customers can't find information about you and your business online they'll go elsewhere. Wouldn't you?


Reasons why to have a custom website built by Carol Mason Design...

  • You deserve a website you love.
  • You deserve to work with a seasoned website professional who genuinely cares.
  • You deserve the fruit of a mobile-responsive, custom website to share with and be known by the Internet community.

What other benefits does a website provide?

  • Custom design - built to reflect who you are and what you do.
  • Mobile-responsive, information resizes for best readability on smartphone, handheld and computer. Learn more.
  • Creation of your logo, if needed.
  • Technology is explained as part of the ongoing dialogue.
  • Provide the reasoning behind choosing a domain name is explained and discussed.
  • Your color choices determine what is used on your website.
  • Your photos are encouraged for use on your website.
  • Also low cost Getty images can be located and purchased, as needed.
  • The assembly of content to create your website is discussed. Previews of your website are provided in the development stage.
  • Thoughtful design for each page is established. First impressions count.
  • Focus pages: Home, About, Contact are encouraged.
  • One page websites are available for those who are not ready to be more engaged.
  • Specialty pages are discussed and added, as needed. A few examples of specialty pages are blogs and photo galleries.
  • Revisions, updates, adjustments are part of the process both before and after going live.
  • Spelling and grammar checks are included.
  • Social Media accounts are discussed and created if desired.
  • Your Social Media accounts are connected with your website, when desired.
  • Legacy planning is discussed. This is available to preserve your content for the future for example in an iBook.