Truecaller - Spam Identification & Block

Identify and block spammers, search for unknown numbers, call friends and much more! With a community-based spam list from over 250 million users, Truecaller is the only phone app you’ll ever need.


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Scam calls can be unsettling and are potentially harmful to you if you fall for them. These calls are made by criminals with the intent to get hold of your identity and your money.

After receiving both computer and IRS scam calls I am examining why I answer a call from someone I don't know. This is a question I believe we all earnestly need to ask ourselves.

If a call feels wrong, it likely is - a scam.
By recognizing a call is a scam,
you can without conversation, upset or harm to yourself,

- hang up.

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Digital Innovation of the Year

Apollo The International Art Magazine - November 2016

Art UK

These days, access to public collections is as much a matter of their digital
reach as it is of visitor facilities or convenient opening hours. 


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Your Dinner Is Ready To Be 3D Printed - October 2016

Over the last few decades, a new wave of science has been infused into the world of food in the form of molecular gastronomy. By definition, food preparation and cooking involve physical and chemical changes, and molecular gastronomy simply uses scientific principles to take food in new technical and even artistic directions.

It’s also a great excuse to have some fun with liquid nitrogen.

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Our evolving technical society - awareness.

It is my hope to help each person who visits this blog to increase their awareness of and understanding of -- technology - to assist each visitor's ability to better cope and function in our ever changing world.


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Discovery and awareness

What makes you think?

Does the word 'survival' spur your thought…?

Today, my friendly and extremely helpful postal worker knew I had been waiting a little bit for the post office to open after lunch. I really didn’t mind. 

But to thank me for the patience I exhibit on a usual basis there, he told me he had a story for me, as a thank you for waiting.

Wow, I really knew I had a treat in store because he has great stories.

He asked, had I ever heard of “army ants”? Well, no I replied. You see, I didn't expect this story.

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Observation...promotes learning.

Observation and a willingness to commune with nature begins to unlock facets about what is going on. In this frame of mind one enters into a world that can otherwise just appear to be a backdrop.

This frame of thought begins to hint at how to unlock the mysteries of working with technology and claiming your place within the Internet community.

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