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Singularity University is a source for answers and participation in the dialogue about these questions from a client:

  1. What trends should I be aware of or looking for?

  2. Do you see companies leaping towards more AI use?

  3. Is AI able to create itself?

  4. Is AI able to out reason humans?

  5. Does AI have a moral code? Who determines the moral code?

  6. What do you recommend reading to keep abreast of AI?

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Machine Learning Is Everywhere, But What Is It Exactly?

Singularity Hub Staff - Aug 28, 2017

From Google’s language translation app to autonomous cars, machine learning has become a key ingredient in multiple areas of our lives—but what exactly is it?

In the simplest sense, machine learning is a method of computer data analysis that learns from its own experience. Once a machine learning algorithm learns what specific patterns look like, it can apply the knowledge on a vast scale. For example, a fraud detection machine learning algorithm may miss a few false charges initially, but once it identifies the pattern, it can protect against millions of future attacks.