Technology Singularity

This is the driving force that keeps me actively engaged in understanding today's technical tools which enable me to develop websites and digital books.

Singularity makes reference to the point in time when AI (artificial intelligence - robotics) becomes superior to mankind. It is projected this will happen because AI will have access to all information AND develop the ability to think. Appearance of AI will mirror people. Then AI looking like a human, tapping all information and reasoning with a developed IQ higher than humans, Singularity will occur.  AI -" technological beings" will be in charge. It is believed at that time there will be AI, partial AI/humans and humans. This amazing projection, if true, may still be 20 - 40 years away.

Being engaged with technology now is the best plan to be prepared to live our the developing world.

A practical example:
In 1980 the desktop computer was available for sale. Other than programmers and those who felt an infinity with technology, mostly businesses purchased computers through 2000. The laptop was introduced in the late 90's making computing technology portable. It was still acceptable to consider an email optional. Many people were not clear what a website could do, never mind why they should think about having a website. And what is a domain name?

Then everything changed.

In July 2007 the iPhone was introduced. It was the first smart device. This means, the first device with an operating system and apps (applications) - an AI.



In 2007 a lot of people I know had flip phones, I had one. They worked and were wonderful. All the people I know immediately stopped using their flip phone when they got an iPhone. Yes, I did that too. This was not a conscious decision. It was a natural stepping forward with new technology. The technology informed choice. Apple continues to make the leading decisions that advance our society. This was the next step in our technological era.

In 2015, having at least one email is a generally accepted norm to navigate through daily life. It is also true that more people are realizing it is a lost opportunity not to have a website. Like the need for an email, the need for a website is becoming clearer.

A website is your digital home. It is an essential tool because it validates who you are and what you do on the Internet. It is becoming the norm for the Internet to inform decisions in the brick and mortar world.

Only 8 years since 2007, and you can see the change. Advances in technology have brought this change. Many more changes will come during this transition time before singularity occurs. We all need to be informed and aware.

Become technically engaged today!
— C. Mason