New Year - Commit to a New Outlook?

Technology - Does it make you feel like you are in quicksand?

Help is on the way, read on!

Commit to a New Outlook, Part 1 of 3

Commit to a New Outlook, Part 1 of 3

Much like weather, technology is a leading factor in life, they both are happening, whether we like it or not. We can let technology overwhelm us or resolve to understand it enough to have it work for us.

Have you noticed how adapting to something unforeseen is so different from adapting to something you consciously decide to do?


You may feel you don't know where to begin to understand what is going on. Perhaps you recall using a phone booth and just wish you could abandon your cell phone, iPad or droid, Mac or PC and go back to a time that was not technical.


The fact is technology is our present and our future. 

Accepting this is a good first step and the beginning of a new outlook - something you consciously decide to do.

Next, identify your circumstance. 

Do any of these scenarios touch on what you are going through?

A. You have a PC that freezes and/or crashes. You have general knowledge of a computer but can also get confused when you talk about a file vs a folder.

B. You have an iPhone and find it easy to work with. You do a lot on that iPhone but it is so small - yet, it is easy to work with.

C. Your PC situation has become so challenging, you may feel it is time, finally to do something — it is overwhelming to consider, so for a good part of last year you delayed a decision.

D. Technology just isn't your thing. You happen to have a Mac. You definitely are not clear about what you know so you have no idea what questions you should ask to make progress. It is like looking for your first job which is hard to get since you have no required job references.

Generally when there is a commitment to think differently — have a new outlook — one can build a foundation.
— C. Mason

Begin by stating what you want to do. Something like:

I want to simplify my life and not deal with technical problems ... I want my technology tools to work for me
— potentially you!

If you can say this, you can likely explain what you want your technology to do for you. 

With this clarity, your next step is to secure a technical person to work with you.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - How to find technical assistance that is right for you.

Followed by Part 3 - How to choose a Mac that is right for you.